Sajeewani Malathi

PHD Student of LA Trobe University, Australia Wins the ‘Award of Excellence’ for Bioinformatics in Australia.

Competition name: The Bioinformatics peer prize (

  • 1st Place in The Bioinformatics Peer Prize, Student Category (An International research excellence award for Bioinformatics)
  • 3rd Place in The Bioinformatics Peer Prize, Main Category (An International research excellence award for Bioinformatics)

How Bio Information will benefit in the future

Developing statistical methodologies for analyzing next-generation sequencing data to identify genes, transcripts or pathways that are differentially expressed between experimental conditions.

Developing computational Algorithms for analyzing genomic data.

PHD Student of LA Trobe University

“Having a La Trobe scholarship that pays for my education and living expenses was a great support for my studies. The peaceful and relaxed working environment helps me to enhance my studies without any tension.  The academic professionals are very supportive and always guides the students. La Trobe provides me an opportunity to network with many International staff and students.  Since Australia is a multi-ethnic cultural country, I feel I am close to home.

If you are planning to study overseas, choose a study program which will be the best fit for your career goals and select a university with a higher International profile.  I believe the international reputation and the quality of the degree will help you to find a better job.

My heartfelt gratitude to 3WGE for their wonderful support given throughout my visa application process. The staff was very friendly and supportive. Especially I want to thank Thilina and Nishya, for all the hard work and dedication. I highly recommend 3WGE as the best consulting source to anybody who is planning to pursue his/her overseas education.

Malathi Sajeewani